The Trust was established by De Aar Solar Power (also known as the De Aar plant or the De Aar project company) as part of the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer (REIPP) programme implemented by the government to assist in alleviating South Africa’s electricity shortage.

The Trust owns 8% of the De Aar plant. The Trust owns this share through its ‘trust company’. This means that when profits are made by the De Aar plant the trust receives 8% of it. This is paid in ‘dividends’ to the trust company and then on to the Trust.

However, the Trust had to take loans to buy its 8% share in the De Aar plant. For several years from the time the Trust was established, this debt had to first be paid with almost all the funds received by the Trust. In 2019 the loans were finally settled and the Trust was able to fund more community development projects.

The Trust is an independent entity that is governed by trustees who have been appointed to ensure that it is run in an effective, efficient, responsible, and accountable way.